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Friends Group members and Duke of Edinburgh scheme volunteer tackling waste dumped in Crofton Woods

Three sessions of rubbish removal from the woods secured a mass of fly tipping - unwanted items consciously taken into the woods to dump. It is a real shame that the beautiful and scientifically important woods are despoiled in this manner. Well done to all the hard work of the Friends Group members and our Duke of Edinburgh scheme volunteer for sparing the time to make a difference, and to idverde for their support.

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The Friends of Crofton and Sparrow Woods turned out in force today for a socially distanced battle to cut back encroaching brambles and restore the only small area of natural meadow that is left. 

Don't worry, we have left plenty of brambles for blackberrying later in the year.

What was depressing was the amount of rubbish that has been brought into the area and dumped, so we had these filled bags to take away to the dump. 

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