The ramsons or wild garlic are through the soil thanks to the warm spell a couple of weeks ago, and are just coming into flower. The smell is filling the woodland. 


Red kites sighted in 2022

A number of members have reported seeing a pair of red kites circling over the woods in late February and early March 2022. Are they looking for a nest site? If they take up residence the air will be filled with the sound of their loud calls, as well as those of ring-necked parakeets. 

Our dogs and cats have nothing to fear - red kites prefer carrion and their feet are too small to kill something even as big as a rabbit. 


The patch of wood violets in Crofton Woods continues to expand, and is flowering well in the spring sunshine.


The Work Group had a tough (and eventually wet) morning digging out bramble roots, but what a difference has been made to restoring our best wild flower meadow area.

The photo below is before we started. Followed by the 'after' shot. We had cut the brambles to the ground last winter, but they recovered well, so it was time to start tackling root extraction!

We meet once a fortnight on a Tuesday morning - everyone welcome regardless of fitness.


Free talks: join us for a celebration of Crofton Woods and Bromley’s wildlife on 22 March 2022 at 7.30pm at the GEA Hall, 34 Woodhurst Ave, BR5 1AP. Hear from Steven Lofting (Biodiversity Adviser to idverde) on Bromley’s fascinating natural world, followed by FOCSW on the history and wildlife of Crofton Woods. An evening of free talks organised by the Friends of Crofton and Sparrow Woods, supported by the Petts Wood and District Residents’ Association and the Crofton Residents Association. Turn up on the night, or to be sure of a seat, contact friendscroftonandsparrowwoods@gmail.com or 079678 269008.

(The talks will be followed by a short AGM for FOCSW members.)


Thanks to the hard work of Friends of Crofton and Sparrow Woods member Trevor, and the kind permission of Ian Wright on behalf of the landowner, our Friends Group geocaching circuit is launched, and already being used. Finders love the woods, and the circuit, but perhaps not the mud.


Disposing of last year's rhododendron removal was hard work, but opens up the ground to native flora. 

Friends of Crofton & Sparrow Woods Work Group meets fortnightly and welcomes new members to the team. Working in partnership with #idverde  

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The grassy south end of Eynsford Close Recreation Ground has been allowed to grow over the summer. To encourage more meadow plants, the vigour of the grass needs to be reduced. Here is Jenny from the Working Group sowing yellow rattle seeds. The pretty yellow flower pictured below is parasitic on grass roots, and will help provide more space for meadow wildflowers. Fingers crossed for next summer!


Lovely weather on Saturday for last Saturday's free guided history and nature walk at Crofton and Sparrow Woods attracted over 60 people to come and find out more about our lovely green space. The history from William the Conqueror through to the post war building boom was explained, the wonderful woodland wildlife and plants, and well as reasons for the area being a Site of Special Scientific Interest. We also took the opportunity to celebrate the 20th birthday of the London Loop which passes through the heart of the woods.

Thank you to Petts Wood and District Residents Association, Bromley RSPB Local Group, and London Loop for being a key part of organising the event.

Interested in holding a guided walk for your group? Then contact friendscroftonandsparrowwoods@gmail.com


The Friends of Crofton and Sparrow Woods September 2021 e-newsletter is out now to all members. Join the group now to receive a copy and learn more about our wildlife and history, as well as forthcoming events.


Seen in Crofton Woods is one of the best known migrant butterflies - the painted lady.

It is a thistle lover, so well done to Work Group members in the Spring that cleared bramble to encourage the resurgence of thistles.


The Bromley RSPB Local Group walked through Crofton Woods this morning, and in addition to hearing the birdlife and seeing the buzzard nest, despite the drizzle, we also found a newly emerged purple hairstreak butterfly gradually enlarging and drying its wings. Wonderful colour.