Birds of Crofton and Sparrow Woods

The woods provide an excellent habitat for breeding and migratory birds. Amateur ornithologists have been keeping records over a number of years. 

The PDF link below contains a table with a summary of the results. As the arable land became increasingly wooded over the 20th century, woodland birds have benefited at the expense of birds more used to farmland. And of course ring-necked parakeets are now everywhere.

The Friends Group is interested in any other records that you are willing to share, as well as any interesting sightings.

Recent Sightings:

Seen in February and March 2022: pair of red kites. Are they looking for a nest site?

Seen in March 2022: peregrine falcon

Seen in April 2022: pair of Mandarin ducks, moorhen and heard the goldcrest and chiffchaff

Seen in June 2022: tree creepers

Seen in July 2022: kites and buzzards are still checking the woods - maybe we will get them nesting in 2023.

Seen in September 2022: grey wagtail