05 Oct

Your support is needed for our application for funding from the Council's Jubillee Fund for new Eynsford Recreation Ground Playground equipment.

Bromley Council has earmarked funds for improvements across the Borough – it is quite a small fund, however one of our local Councillors and Bromley Council have indicated that a bid for refreshing the dated equipment in the Eynsford Close playground is likely to receive reasonably positive consideration. 

Karen King, our Treasurer is therefore working hard on the business case to a tight deadline. The Council want 100 signatures from local supporters for all the bids, so will you sign to support us please? If so, please email the information below to us: friendscroftonandsparrowwoods@gmail.com.

Your nameConfirmation you live in the area ( e.g.1st line of address or postcode)Reason for support (e.g. Important to keep the next generation fit, or family uses the facility)


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